In an effort to better help in your planning and preparation for the 2015 Homecare Homebase Users Conference we have included a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Partners below.

General Conference Questions:
  • What types of customer-titles attend the HCHB Users Conference?
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    The HCHB Users Conference draws various constituents from each agency, most commonly the following titles and title-types attend: Owner, President, CXO-titles, Administrator, Clinical, Financial, Operations and IT Supervisors and Directors, Staff responsible for PointCare and Field Staff, Staff responsible for analytics and data analysis.
  • Can I meet with Homecare Homebase representatives while at the conference?
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    While we are always happy to meet with partners on a variety of topics the schedule at the Users Conference is very tight and traditionally does not allow for off-agenda meetings due to the time constraints on our staff. You can feel free to contact your HCHB contact with a meeting request, but please be aware that we may not be able to fulfill that request during the Conference Period.
  • What types of “partners” attend the Users Conference?
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    The HCHB Users Conference has continued to draw more and more partners to our Thursday Partner Forum and other Partner-sponsored events and activities. Partner types include wireless carriers, handset and hardware manufacturers, supply vendors, telehealth and telephony vendors, IT service supplies and vendors, data and benchmarking groups, pharmacy vendors, consulting groups, and many others. We expect the list to continue to grow.
  • What is the dress code during the conference?
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    Business Casual, though we encourage you to check the weather before you make the trip to the Users Conference. The weather in June in Fort Worth can be warm, and while the hotel will be nice and cool, you may want to consider layers for any time spent outside.
  • Are Partners allowed to attend educational sessions and meetings with customers that fall outside of the Partner Forum?
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    Partners will be allowed to register for sessions just like HCHB Users. For any Partners who are interested in attending sessions they can register online for sessions as well as their Partner Forum participation. We encourage you to sign-up early for break-out sessions as they do fill up and we do fill them on a first-come, first-served basis.
Partner Forum Questions:
  • What is the deadline to register to attend the conference?
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    The deadline to register for the conference through the website is Wednesday, June 10, 2015. After that time registrants will need to contact the HCHB Users Conference Team for registration or registration changes.

    The deadline to book a room through our room block at the Worthington Renaissance hotel is June 1, 2015. After this time a room will have to be booked on an “available” basis at the going market rate. We also encourage all customers to register early to ensure a seat in the break-out sessions that have limited seating.
  • How many people should attend from my company? Is there a limit?
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    There is a limit to two Partner Representatives at the Partner Forum on Thursday, June 25th. If you require additional staff at the Partner Forum you can add them for $75 per name badge via the website. We do encourage you to bring enough staff to feel like you are covering the event well, but there is a limited 10x10 approximate space in the meeting room, so we do ask that you keep that in mind.
  • What day/time should I plan on arriving in Dallas for the Partner Forum? When will the Partner Forum “officially” begin?
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    We will host a kick-off reception on Wednesday, June 24th that all Partners will participate in as part of the Partner Forum. Partners will need to be set up prior to 5:00 on Wednesday. The Partner Forum will also be open on Thursday, June 25th from approximately 9:00AM to 5:00PM. 
  • What day/time should I plan on leaving Dallas? When will the Partner Forum “officially” end?
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    The Partner Forum is over around 5:00PM on Thursday. You can tear down your “booth” space after this time.
  • Is electrical and/or internet access available during the Partner Forum?
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    The hotel can provide you with electrical and/or internet access during the Partner Forum. There is a simple form to complete that is available on the Resources Section of our website. Please complete this form and send it back to the contact at the hotel. They will coordinate with you directly on electrical and/or internet installation.
  • How do I handle shipping exhibit materials or other items to the Partner Forum?
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    Shipping instructions for sending materials to and from the hotel are located on the website under the Resources Section.
  • What materials or exhibit items do I need to bring with me for the Partner Forum?
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    Each Partner is provided a 6 foot table + chairs and roughly a 10x10 space around your table to house that table and another other display materials that you’d like to bring. You do not need to bring a formal booth or large display, but feel free to bring any materials that would fit within this space. If you have specific questions about an item or materials you’d like to bring feel free to contact Tricia Collom, VP Marketing for HCHB at (214) 239-6726 or tcollom@hchb.com.
Sponsorship Questions:
  • How do I “renew” a sponsorship I had at last year’s conference?
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    All prior HCHB Users Conference Partner Sponsors are notified as to the deadlines for securing sponsorships at this year’s conference. Sponsorships are awarded to past sponsors first, and if they decline the sponsorship for 2015 they will be made available to the larger partner group.
  • How do I know if a sponsorship is available or not?
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    All available sponsorships will be sent to the Partner group at large via email. Requests to secure open sponsorships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Why are sponsorships no longer part of the website registration?
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    Since our list of sponsorships are relatively limited and are typically retained by the previous sponsor it did not make sense to keep them part of the online registration and it caused confusion with the Partner group at large. The sponsorships are also invoiced separately from the Partner Forum and Session Invoices (new this year), so it also made it cleaner for our accounting department to treat the two items separately.
  • What if I have an idea for a sponsorship that is not included on the site?
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    We love great ideas! Please contact Tricia Collom, VP Marketing for HCHB to discuss your idea at (214) 239-6726 or tcollom@hchb.com
  • What does it mean if a sponsorship provides “Exclusivity” to the Partner who selects that sponsorship?
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    Sponsorships provide “Exclusivity” to the sponsor as part of their sponsorship benefits. This means that ONLY the sponsoring Partner is allowed to speak or promote their company at that event, depending on the sponsorship, or participate in the give-a-way, etc. We do this to ensure value for your sponsorship dollar and provide the sponsoring partner the opportunity to make the most of their involvement. All Partners are invited to attend events at the 2015 Users Conference, but we request respectful behavior at events that might be hosted or sponsored by competitors or other Partners.
Registration & Site Questions:
  • How do I know my registration was successful?
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    You will see a Confirmation Page on the website when your Registration is complete and you will also receive a Confirmation email to the Primary Email Address and Assistant's Email Address (if applicable) that was entered on the Registration Form.
  • How is my registration information saved in the system? How do I access my information at a later date?
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    You can access your registration at any time by using the Confirmation Email that was sent to you upon registering on the site. The email has a direct link to your registration.
Payment Questions:
  • What are the payment options for registering for the conference?
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    There are three payment options for the Users Conference – (1) You can choose to pay during your registration via credit card, we now accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express; (2) You can chose to send a check directly to HCHB to the attention of The 2015 Users Conference; or (3) You can choose to have HCHB send you an invoice to be paid by your Accounting Department.
  • Who do I send my check to if I choose the “CHECK” option? When is my check due?
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    Your check should be sent to the following address before the start of the Users Conference:
    Homecare Homebase
    ATTN: 2015 Users Conference
    6688 N Central Expressway, Ste. 800
    Dallas, TX 75206
  • If I choose the “CREDIT CARD” option, when will the payment be processed against my credit card?
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    The credit card will be charged once you hit “Submit” and your registration is complete.
  • When will I receive my invoice for the “INVOICE” option? When is my payment due?
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    Invoices are sent from the HCHB Accounting Department every two weeks, so based on when your registration is completed you will be in the current billing cycle or the next. Payment is due according to standard terms.
Hotel & Travel Questions:
  • What is the deadline to book a hotel room at the hotel?
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    June 1, 2015
  • What happens if I book my hotel room “after” the deadline?
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    Rooms booked after the deadline are accommodated on a first-come, first-serve basis and are available at the going market rate for rooms, they are not guaranteed at the conference rate.
  • Can I book my room online without going through the HCHB Users Conference Web Site?
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    Yes, simply go to the hotel booking link at The Worthington Renaissance Hotel
  • Can I book my room by calling the hotel?
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    Yes, please feel free to call the hotel directly at (817) 870-1000 and let them know you are attending the Homecare Homebase Users Conference so they give you the conference rate of $189.
  • What other hotels are located in the area if I choose to not stay at the conference hotel?
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    At this time HCHB has not made arrangements with any other hotels for room blocks. If you prefer to stay at a different location the best way to see your options is to go to visit your favorite travel website and look for hotels in downtown Fort Worth or the area known as Sundance Square.
  • What airport options are available to get to the Users Conference?
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    DFW International is the preferred airport and is about a 20-30 minute cab ride, depending on traffic.
  • Is there a shuttle from the airport to the hotel?
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    Unfortunately the hotel does not offer an airport shuttle at this time.
  • What other transportation options are available?
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    You can certainly take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, use a rental car, or use the shuttle service that both of the local airports provide called “Super Shuttle,” we do recommend you arrange for the shuttle service prior to your arrival.
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